A collection of wearable art.

Meat Market is a series of collaborative works between Los Angeles artists Katie Shanks and Stephanie Sherwood. Trained in traditional painting, their joint practice has traveled off the canvas into sculpture, immersive installation, and now fashion. The Meat Market collection took their mutual fascination with meat (academic and aesthetic as vegetarians) a little closer to the flesh.  In our society, flesh is fetishized—whether the word refers to a cut of meat or a woman’s body. Forcing them to consider how bodies could move in pieces, this challenge was overcome by working very closely with their models and each other. The collection is created in a very personal way. Unlike most clothes today, they were tailored specifically to each woman’s body, made for them. Meat Market is an empowering series of wearable art objects taking the derogatory notion of a woman as meat to consume, and transforming it into something beautiful, powerful and enigmatic.